November 17, 2019
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Dr. Yakov Livshitz Senior member of the Hydrological Service of Israel visited Grand Bahama and toured our well fields with the GB Utility Team to gauge salinity levels and the pace of aquifer recovery. His initial findings were very encouraging.” (Pictured from left: Remington Wilchcombe, Utility Engineering Manager and Dr. Yakov Livshitz) The Grand Bahama […]Continue Reading
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Lady Henrietta St. George, Executives and Staff of the GBPA took to the streets on Oct. 22nd not only to donate relief supplies, but also to give a listening ear and encouraging words to members of the Mayfield Park community, who were affected by Hurricane Dorian. #freeportstrong #grandbahamastrong #bahamasstrong #gbpa #gbdisasterrelief #hurricanedorianContinue Reading
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(Oct. 11) Sanitation Services gives a detailed update on clean-up efforts in the community, despite some setbacks the company experienced as a result of Hurricane Dorian. Lou Carroll, General Manager, shared that 2,500 loads were collected in the City of Freeport and Lucaya by Sanitation Services & local contractors as of Oct. 11. As mindful […]Continue Reading
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Both the Domestic and International Airport facilities severely compromised due to flooding. Due to major damage sustained in Hurricane Dorian,Western Air’s terminal at the Grand Bahama International Airport has resumed its service via temporary facilities for domestic travel. Freeport, Bahamas – In the weeks since Dorian’s passage, Grand Bahama and its residents Continue Reading
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In a Press Conference on (Oct 11), Philcher Grant, Director of Customer Solutions and Stakeholder Relations at The Grand Bahama Power Company shared a compassionate recollection of how the company’s team was impacted. She highlighted the companies commitment not only to provide infrastructure restoration, but also and more importantly, ‘people’ restoration.Continue Reading
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(Oct 11) Deann Seymour, Chairman of the Licensing Board along with her team conducted 700 face-to-face interviews with Freeport business owners impacted by Hurricane Dorian. In a media update, Mrs. Seymour reveals that 66% of those businesses are operational, 15% will resume services within the next 6-months and 19% are undecided. As the surveys and […]Continue Reading
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(Oct 11) Take a look at an informative visual presentation of Hurricane Dorian’s Storm Surge impact, as presented by Troy McIntosh, Deputy Director of Building & Development Services. He emphasized the effectiveness of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and the potential impact on buildings, land and our entire environment.Continue Reading
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September 24, 2019 – Priority restoration efforts began with key teams across the city including the team at the Grand Bahama Utility Company, Limited. Vice-Chairman of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited, Sarah St. George, expresses gratitude to the team and highlights their heroic efforts to restore the island’s water supply assisted by other committed Continue Reading
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Pictured: GBPA Chief Financial Officer, Deann Seymour As local businesses begin recovery and restoration plans following the impact of Hurricane Dorian, the Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) seeks to engage with licensees to assess their needs.  Deann Seymour, Chief Financial Officer and Licensing Chairman of the GBPA, says, “We recognize that many of our […]Continue Reading