Grand Bahama Port Authority’s Clean-up of Derelict Vehicles Underway

The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) is progressing on its initiative to rid Freeport of the unsanitary and unsightly problem of derelict vehicles in and around residential and commercial areas and on verges.

“In June 2020, we advised that the GBPA was partnering with the Royal Bahamas Police Force and Department of Environmental Health to bring resolve to the ongoing issue of illegal dumping of vehicles,” said Ian Rolle, President of the GBPA. “At that time, we also designated land in the Civic Industrial Area for the temporary disposal of such vehicles, many of which were destroyed by floodwaters during Hurricane Dorian, until they are able to be shipped to a US-based facility for crushing.”

The GBPA advised that its City Maintenance and Management section has completed the clean-up of abandoned vehicles in the area of Queens Cove and at Poor Man’s Auto located near Solomon’s food store on Queens Highway. Additionally, progress has been made in cleaning up Freeport’s roadways. “The GBPA is grateful to Mr. Dudley Seide and his team at Reach Out Youth Ministries, who are contracted as a part of Sanitation Service Company litter crew, for their assistance with clean-up of litter and other small vehicular debris along our streets,” added Mr. Rolle.

The City Management section will erect signage to discourage the continued practice of dumping derelict vehicles throughout Freeport’s residential and commercial communities.

“Today, with the help of four tow trucks supplied by licensees (Self Made Towing), the team moves onto Kent Motors to rid that area of abandoned vehicles,” explained Troy McIntosh, Deputy Director & City Manager of Building and Development Services at the GBPA. “Once we have completed our work there, Mr. Seide and his team will provide detailed cleaning of the area, and we’ll post signage to dissuade others from further illegal dumping.”

The GBPA advised that, following clean-up around Kent Motors, clearing of vehicles will continue on Forest Avenue and Mahogany Street opposite Dolly Madison.

“The work is ongoing in the Civic Industrial Area,” added Mr. McIntosh. “Once completed, the City Management Section will move onto Freeport residential areas where approximately 164 vehicles are currently under notice to be removed by owners before we take action to move them at owners’ expense. Upon completion of Freeport, we hope to partner with Lucaya Service Company to assist with derelict vehicle removal in Lucaya subdivisions.”

Residents who have questions about proper disposal of vehicles or other debris should contact the GBPA’s City Management Department at 816-4030.


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