May 11, 2021
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Young & Digital: #VirtualTownHall With Ian Rolle, President of the GBPA

Jan 9 2018, Freeport, Bahamas – Ian Rolle, President of the Freeport free trade zone fields tough questions from a enthusiastic pack of young digital Bahamians (and some foreigners).

  1. Mr. Ian Rolle, GBPA
  2. Kimberley Miller, GBPA
  3. Alex Cameron, Agent Provocateur
  4. Jason Leach, Crypto Cay
  5. Lamaro Smith, MotionSmith Studios
  6. Alfred Anderson, Photographer
  7. Aryana Roberts, Artistic Souls
  8. Derek Carroll Jr., Beyond Graphix
  9. Davina Rutherford, Mirage Events
  10. Jillian Lightbourne, JL Consulting
  11. Preston Knowles, Photographer
  12. Thomas Wear, Cstraight Media
  13. Calvin Franklyn Williams III, PharmaChem
  14. Omar Isaacs, Buy Bahamian/Ministry of Tourism

Are you a digital Bahamian? Register on!
Are you a digital Bahamian? Register on!

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