September 26, 2020
Culture Press Releases


The Northern Bahamas Council for the Disabled recently benefitted from the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s community outreach.  Just recently, council members visited the headquarters of the GBPA to accept a donation cheque.  The donation was timely as residents of all walks of life continue to rebuild their lives, following the devastating impact of Hurricane Matthew.  Accepting on behalf of the organization was its president, Frederick Poitier, accompanied by council treasurer, Monica Williams and secretary, Sharon McGregor.

According to Poitier, the donation made by officials of the GBPA was a “Ray of Sunshine.”  Poitier, who took on the position of president of the council less than a week before the hurricane hit, stated that council members were in need of assistance and it came at the right time.  “Following the hurricane, we were concerned that our members were being left behind.  We were on empty food wise and at the council, the cupboards were bare.”

Poitier added that council executives had prayed for assistance, “It’s like God had answered our prayers.  We were wondering how we were going to help our members and then the donation by the GBPA came and for that we are very thankful.”

Poitier is of the view, that the council is often overlooked.  He added that he wishes for that to change. “We just want the community to know that we are here.  We do not wish to receive handouts, but more so, a hand up.  There are many in our council who are independent and just need to be empowered.”

GBPA donations committee administrator, Dr. Telina Smith made the presentation and stated that the GBPA is mindful that there are organizations such as the Northern Bahamas Council for the Disabled which are in need of help on a consistent basis. “We were more than happy to assist the Northern Council for the Disabled, particularly at this time – it’s our way of saying we care.”

Smith added that this latest contribution supplements GBPA’s regular sponsorship to the council which is carried out every two months.

The Northern Council for the Disabled has a current membership of ninety-seven (97) individuals on Grand Bahama, with its office located in Kipling Building 11A, telephone number 352-7720.


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