January 19, 2022
Development Press Releases

GBPA: provides post crisis seminars to families and businesses

The Grand Bahama Port Authority announces that it is adding to its program of care packages, water, and ice distribution and has organized a series of seminars to assist both business owners and families dealing with the post-crisis impact of Hurricane Matthew.

GBPA’s Vice President – Henry St. George states: “alongside our relief program we are commencing the rebuilding phase, The GBPA has organized two days of post crisis management seminars – one day focusing on families and one day for business owners. The seminars will provide critical information and guidance and help attendees navigate the after effects of Hurricane Matthew. These seminars will be FREE of charge and will occur on different days to allow attendees the opportunity to participate in both. GBPA has arranged for internationally renowned post crisis specialist Grace Plank to come to Grand Bahama and share her knowledge to assist families and business owners as they go through a period of rebuilding.”

The post crisis family seminars will be conducted, in partnership with the Ministry of Grand Bahama, in the respective communities of West End, Eight Mile Rock and Freeport.  The planned date for this vital seminar is Thursday, November 3rd. The locations and times for the seminars are:

  • EMR Family Seminar……………..Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Jones Town, EMR) @ 9:00 a.m.
  • West End Family Seminar………St. Mary’s Anglican Church Hall (West End) @ 12:00 p.m.
  • Freeport Family Seminar………..Bishop Michael Eldon High School Auditorium @3:30 p.m.
  • Registration for these seminars is not required.  Refreshments will be made available after the meeting.

In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Grand Bahama a second day of post crisis seminars focusing on small and medium-size enterprise (SME), available to both licensees and non-licensees, will follow on Friday, November 4th, with sessions starting at 9:00 a.m. and repeating at 2 p.m.  These seminars will focus on advice and recommendations for business owners on how to begin the rebuilding phase having weathered the storm.  The venue will be Delphine’s room @ Pelican Bay Hotel.  In order to attend the seminars please register at the GBPA HQ (Tele: 350-9305/9061) or at the G.B. Chamber of Commerce (Tele: 352-8329).

We urge those families and businesses owners that have been significantly impacted by the storm to attend and receive guidance on how to recover and rebuild.


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