October 24, 2021
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Independence Day Message from Sarah St George Vice Chairman

Today we celebrate a historical milestone and honour those remarkable persons who set the stage for a new Sovereign Nation carved into a Declaration of Independence signed 43 years ago in 1973.  This gave expression to an efficient and dignified Constitutional Democracy and Justice System.  It is exemplified in all aspects of economic, religious, political and social life that are uniquely Bahamian and that are the foundation of this Bahamas which marches confidently towards its fifth decade. On the 40th Anniversary of Independence the Prime Minister, The Right Hon Perry Christie, urged this Sovereign Nation and its people to heed the words of Timothy Gibson in the National Anthem and those of Rev. Philip Rahming in the Pledge of Allegiance to continue our noble journey as “one people united in love and service”. 

Today The Bahamas is blessed with the manifold gifts of God, Nature and its People; a people filled with knowledge, wisdom, culture and spiritual values. Grand Bahama is bestowed with so many gifted individuals, and with so many who dedicate their lives to service and who make it their lifelong passion to teach, mentor and guide our children in the path for success. There are those who toil selflessly behind the scene away from the spotlight – They too must be acknowledged and thanked for the wonderful job they are doing in nurturing, caring and promoting our culture locally and abroad. I am indeed incredibly proud to be part of such a wonderful community. 

As the forefather of Independence Sir Lynden Pindling said in 1973: “I have a serious word for the hundreds of thousands of friends whom The Bahamas has, throughout the free world; that word is: ‘Have Faith in us!’” That message bore fruit then and holds true now.  I and the entire Grand Bahama Port Authority Family wish you all a very happy Independence Day. May this year be filled with hope, success and joy and may God continue to bless us all.


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