July 10, 2020
Business Development Press Releases

GBI Bids to Host 2017 World Congress of Certified Management Consultants

Executives of The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited, (GBPA) are hopeful that a partnership with The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism (MoT), and the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (CICMC), would provide sufficient leverage, to secure Grand Bahama Island as the location for the 2017 World Congress of Certified Management Consultants (WCCMC).

Excited about the opportunity to host such a notable event, Sr. Business Development Manager for GBPA, Derek Newbold believes it can deliver a premium platform for networking between individuals with access to clients with significant resources looking to invest.

“The 2017 WCCMC event could be a remarkable opportunity for Grand Bahama to showcase investment opportunities,” explained Newbold.

“The prospects for this event would be significant for the island and its economy,” he said. “Having a captive audience made up of hundreds of international management consultants, and sharing with them the benefits of doing business in Freeport is a tremendous opportunity; especially when you consider that many of these consultants are connected to multinationals and/or high net worth individuals who are willing and wanting to invest. That said, why not invest in Grand Bahama,” Newbold added.

Although the event is another year in the making, GBPA executives along with officials from the MoT,  and the CICMC will be making a strong case to the International Board of Certified Management  Consultants, for Grand Bahama to be the host destination.

President of GBPA, Ian Rolle noted that each opportunity to expand GBPA’s reach to a global audience must be fully utilized; and that hosting the 2017 WCCMC event on Grand Bahama would give prime access to new markets.

“We are hopeful that Freeport will be highly considered as the event location, and we will do as much as we can to capture this opportunity,” said Rolle. 

“Being able to present the story of Freeport to such a diverse group of influential individuals, sets the stage for promising results. And what that means  is that Freeport is becoming, more and more, a part of the discussion as a competitive jurisdiction for investment,” Rolle expressed.

The president added that GBPA through the Invest Grand Bahama Promotional Unit will work closely with MoT and The Bahamas chapter of CICMC to secure Freeport as the venue for WCCMC’s 2017 event.


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