January 19, 2022
Culture Development Press Releases

GBPA lends a Hand to Storm affected Residents in the Southern Bahamas

The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) pledged $50,000 in aid of the hurricane affected residents, as well as a trailer load of items donated by GBPA employees and the wider community.

GBPA President, Ian Rolle noted that the overall goal of the initiative is to partner with a number of organizations as they seek to provide essential items for those in need. 

“The goal is to assist NEMA as well as other non-profit relief organizations that need our help” said President Ian Rolle continuing, “We aided Rotary earlier in the week by covering the freight cost of transporting three water tank trailers to New Providence. We were also informed by some of the churches that priority items included generators, portable stoves, matches, flashlights, cleaning materials, linen, batteries and even everyday items like can openers, so we decided to add a trailer of goods contributed by executives, shareholders, employees and GBPA volunteers.”

Vice Chairman, Sarah St. George shared her thoughts on the major donation. “It has always been our goal to assist those in need in times of crisis wherever they may be. All of us at the Grand Bahama Port Authority are pleased to be able to support our neighbours in the southern islands who were affected by hurricane Joaquin. We want them to know that they are in our hearts and on our minds.” 


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