January 19, 2022
Business Culture Press Releases

GBPA ROYALS Crowned Company of the Year

Awarded for an exemplary performance over the past Junior Achievement year, The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited “Royals”( Recognizing Outstanding Youth as Leaders) has been deemed company of the year for the third consecutive year.

The group that consists of 40 achievers was indeed overjoyed to celebrate their recent triumph as they were greeted by GBPA executives to commemorate their outstanding attainment.

GBPA President, Ian Rolle gave the power team words of encouragement to continue their efforts by sharpening their skills as often as they can to achieve success in life.

“I want to encourage you all to continue your learning process.  Life is a continuous learning process even for me as president of this company.  I continue to advance myself every single day, every single week I find time accessing knowledge materials and I add value to myself.”

Rolle also charged the youngsters to use education as a stepping stone to propel themselves into the business sector in the coming years.

“If you intend to be a leader, you can only take an organization as far as you’ve gone so if I stop learning that means the Port Authority will stop moving.  I want to encourage you all to not only receive an education to get a job, but I want you guys to use your education as a stepping stone to get involved in owning various businesses.”


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